Amazon Saudi Arabia Strongly Supports New Parents with Paid Leave

Saudi Arabia has been working hard to reach its goal of having a gender-balanced labor force. Amazon Saudi Arabia has taken that idea to heart. To that end, the multinational company has revealed its new parental leave policy. It’s one that benefits every employee who’s a new parent without any gender bias.

Amazon Saudi Arabia reiterated its parental leave on International Women’s Day. The company is giving both parents paid parental leave. But they must have completed a year of service in the company.

Amazon employees can avail of up to six weeks of parental leave within the first year of the child’s birth. Mothers can opt to add these six weeks to their 14 weeks of maternity leave. This means they can spend 20 weeks with their newborn. Mothers can even choose to start their leave a month before birth so they can prepare for their baby’s arrival.

Abdo Chlala of Amazon KSA said they’re always listening to their employees. This helps the company evolve and change its employee’s experience. It also ensures the policies and benefits offered will support new parents. It also helps them thrive both in their home life and career.

The country manager said Amazon Saudi Arabia policy on parental leave is momentous. It’s a step towards meaningful progress. It also supports Saudi Arabia’s plan to harness its people’s full potential.

Gender equality in the workplace is a keystone in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals. This blueprint aims to make Saudi Arabia a vibrant society with a thriving economy.

Chlala says Amazon is proud to help bring these worthy goals to fruition.

Extended parental leave isn’t the only thing new parents can expect from Amazon. The company is also introducing a “Ramp-Back” program. It gives the primary caregiver the choice of working with a flexible schedule. They can also opt to work on a partial basis. This is to help them adjust to their life as new parents.

Amazon MENA HR director Bikram Walia said it’s also important for the parent to have a plan for returning to work. The Amazon Ramp-Back program lets parents transition back to work at their own pace.

Amazon is also introducing other programs in support of new parents. The company will also have Mother’s Rooms. These rooms are all dedicated for use by working mothers. It’s where they can breastfeed their baby. They can also express milk or spend time with their baby in these rooms. There will also be manager training so they can help their expecting employees.