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Our expert team has proven experience in the creation of trademark protection strategies.

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Safari Star are experienced in all matters relating to UK trademark registration, European trademark registration, and International trademark registration.

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Your business needs to ensure your trademark has the right protection in place.

We offer a wide range of Trademark Registration and Management services.

Our expert team has proven experience in the creation of trademark protection strategies.

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What is EPR (Extended producer responsibility)?

Extended Producer Responsibility, also known as EPR, is a recent policy that is being implemented by an increasing number of nations and increases the producer’s responsibility for the handling and disposal of post-consumer products. This policy imposes financial liability on the producer in an effort to improve waste management and provide a motivation to cut waste at the source.

In other words, EPR is a form of environmental regulation that holds manufacturers of goods subject to EPR requirements accountable for the entire life cycle of the goods they introduce to the market, from the point of conception to the point of disposal (including waste collection).

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Our expansion process at Safari Star is designed to provide our clients with full transparency and clarity.

At Safari Star, we offer a thriving Tech & Entrepreneurial Hub that empowers both local and international companies to succeed.

Our dynamic environment provides the resources and support needed to foster growth and innovation, allowing businesses to flourish like never before.

Where should I be VAT registered?

Safari Star offers a wide range of VAT consulting and registration services to help you manage VAT obligations in multiple jurisdictions, including Europe, Middle East, Americas and Asia.


Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR)

We simplify Extended Producer Responsibility Safari Star is a member of the Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) for Extended Producer Responsibilities (EPR)

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